Travelling On a Budget

Travelling budget

Everyone would love to travel at one point or the other in their life. But at times, the only roadblock that we face is money. The expenses that you might incur along the road might be the biggest reasons why people don’t make it a hobby. So, to help you hit the road again, here are some tips for travelling on a budget.


One of the most important factors that you need to do, if you wish to travel on a budget is picking the right season. The holiday season is a time when everybody wants to visit places, and the price will not be a favourable factor at this time. Due to the high demand, hotels and resort for incentive trip charge a lot, and hence you need to pick another time. Off seasons is one of the best times to travel since, hotels and other such places, will not be facing huge demand and you can avail a room for a small amount. meals


Food is a crucial factor that you will be spending on while travelling. But that does not mean you spend all your savings on food. Instead, you should be able to control your food intake and be smart enough to stay at a place that offers free breakfast. At such places, you can eat as much as you want and hence spend little on lunch.


There is no hard and fast rule that you need to travel alone. Instead, if you add another friend, you will have fun during the journey and can also share the expenses with him/her. So the financial burden of the entire trip does not rest on your shoulder and costs will be controlled to a maximum extent.

Relatives and Friends

If you are visiting a place where few of your friends and relatives are staying, then don’t think twice about going to a hotel or resort. Visit their place and save some money on your stay. Plus there is nothing to be embarrassed about this, as long as you know them and as long as they are comfortable in sharing the same roof with you.

Sightseeing over Material Things

It’s time, to be honest on this one. It’s okay to buy a few things in your company incentive trip, but that should not turn into a shopping spree. The experience is what counts, and that will stay intact in your memory for a very long time. So all that wonderful glitter on a beautiful dress from the shop means nothing when compared to the breathtaking visuals from the top of the mountain. Hence, understand such terms and conditions before you venture off into a travelling mood.

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