How to Travel Light

Travel Light

Packing light when going for a vacation sport bet Malaysia can be a real challenge for some people. However, travelling light does not necessarily mean packing all the things in a palm-sized bag. Travelling light trims down the packing weight and saves space in the luggage, while carrying all the essential things. It has several benefits such as no extra baggage payment, no breaking your back while carrying luggage, no more hassle in a multi-destination trip, and so on. Therefore, we have brought you some hacks that help you travel light.

It is an absolute necessity to start with a smaller and lighter suitcase if you want to travel light. This hack is a game-changer. Moreover, while buying a suitcase, it is vital to go for the lighter ones.


Always have a packing list ready. This helps you to pick only the essentials that are required and not everything under your roof. If you pack your things by going through them, you would want to carry extra items that won’t be of use in your trip. Thus, packing lists help you to know what is required and stick to them.

Rather than directly putting your clothes in the suitcase, packing cubes can be used to make space for other things such as footwear. Packing cubes also set a limit on how many clothes can be taken along, and the compression helps save space.

It can be extremely tempting to pack footwear for every outfit. However, it must be resisted because footwears can take a lot of space. Therefore, it is advisable to carry footwear that goes well with all outfits.

Cheap drawstring bags can easily replace heavy make-up and toiletry organisers. The drawstring bag adds zero weight and also washes well in case of a spill.


The largest wearable items and footwear should never be packed as they can take up a lot of space. Instead, it is a great idea to wear them on your journey. It might cause sweating, but on a good note, you will be travelling light. Moreover, airports and flights are usually cold, regardless of your destination.

There is no need to pack thick and bulky towels. Usually, all hotels and resorts provide towels in the room. Therefore, you might not need to use your own as they are clean and fresh.

Lastly, you could share your toiletries with your companion or even get single-use packs of them. You will definitely not be needing a full bottle of shower gel, shampoo or conditioner. Another option is to buy toiletries from your destination as even remote places have shops that have these.

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